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Virtual Connections
NCORE Virtual Connections

Registration for on-demand viewing of NCORE Virtual Connections 2023 is open. The rate is $200.00 for professionals and $50.00 for students.

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After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with login information to the conference platform, which is called Attendee Hub. A link to Attendee Hub is below and can also be used to log in after registration.

If you had already registered for NCORE Virtual Connections 2023, your registration included complimentary access to content on demand. Sessions are available until June 30, 2024. Click below to access conference content on demand. Bookmark this page to access the Attendee Hub.

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There are more than two dozen sessions available, including:

Keynote by Patrick Phillips, scholar, poet, and author of Blood at the Root: A Racial Cleansing in America
Keynote by Cyrée Jarelle Johnson, artist, scholar, and inaugural poet-in-residence at the Brooklyn Public Library
What Do I Say Now?: Strategies for Addressing Microaggressions
The Heart of Leadership: Cultivating an Inclusive Climate begins with Managers
DEIJ Remix - Back 2 Basics 2.0: From Boomers through Gen X, Y, Z and A 
Disability Justice in DEI work
Centering Affect and Belonging in D.E.I. Workshops
Domestic Terror, Racialized Trauma: Af-Am Males' Mental Wellness & Academic Resilience
I'm A Good Person! Isn't That Enough? The White Racial Identity Challenge
The Evolution of AloHā: Healing the Colonized Mind
You've Acknowledged the Land, Now What?: Creating Credibility and Implementing Post-Land Acknowledgment
The Assault on Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Higher Education

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