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Webinar Description:

Internalized racial subordination and domination are part of the system of chains contributing to the continuation of racism affecting racially oppressed groups and it has encouraged the physical, spiritual, and emotional self- mutilation and self-degradation of communities of people. By influencing the psychological experience of People of Color, it has sinisterly enticed individuals to contribute to their own emotional and psychological demise in an already oppressive world and experience.  It is important to study, understand, and seek out ways that groups of Color can gain a liberatory perspective in the midst of a racist society, just as it is important for White people to work to gain a liberatory perspective over internalized dominance. This webinar will be a surface scratching exploration into internalized racial subordination focused on understanding the often misunderstood and rarely discussed phenomenon.  It will investigate the complexity of the phenomena of internalized racism and offer participants the opportunity to explore manifestations 
of internalized racism and consequences of internalized racism in their personal and professional lives. 



Tanya Williams, EdD, Founder and Lead Coach/Consultant,  Authentic Coaching and Consulting, Brooklyn, NY

Tanya Williams’ mission is to provide and create spaces in relationships, conversations, and communities for all people to feel seen and appreciated for their authentic selves. She believes that educating, training, and coaching toward equity, as well as creating spaces of justice and communication all grow out of that desire. Born and raised working class in Houston, Texas, she currently lives in New York City and leads Authentic Coaching and Consulting ( She has over 25 years of diversity, inclusion, and social justice teaching, programming and facilitation experience in higher education including professional roles at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mount Holyoke College, and Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. She holds a doctorate (Ed.D) in Social Justice Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and her dissertation focused on internalized oppression and process toward liberation. She also holds an MS in Educational Administration and BA in Journalism and English from Texas A&M University.


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