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NCORE Mentoring Program
NCORE Mentoring Program

Connecting. Building. Engaging.

The NCORE Mentoring Institute, coordinated by the National Advisory Council's HR and Professional Development subcommittees, is pleased to continue the NCORE Mentoring Program. Learn more and find a link to the application for the upcoming cycle below. 

What is the program?

The purpose of the NCORE Mentoring Program is to foster and promote formal mentor/mentee relationships among NCORE attendees. The program will target connecting entry/mid-level professionals with senior level professionals. Both the mentor and mentee are intended to benefit from this relationship and learn from each other.

How are mentors and mentees selected?

The committee will identify 10 mentors and 10 mentees for this year, taking into consideration many factors (e.g., work experience, interests, and expertise) that are important components of successful developmental, mentoring relationships.

What are the expectations?

Mentors and mentees must attend 2020 NCORE and participate in a workshop and orientation*. Additionally, mentors and mentees must:

  • be invested in the success of the mentor/mentee relationship;
  • schedule contacts/meetings/calls at least once a quarter;
  • serve in their role as either a mentor or mentee June 1 – May 31, although participants have the personal choice to extend the mentoring relationship;
  • complete any assessments, reflections, and/or evaluations.

*An exception may be made for individuals who have a NCORE workshop conflict.

NCORE Early Careers Mentor/Mentee Application

Complete all sections of the NCORE Early Careers Mentor/Mentee Application and upload your professional bio at the end of the application to be matched with a mentor/mentee should you be selected.  

The NCORE Early Careers Mentoring program is designed to pair early career or entry level professionals (0-5 years) with mid-senior level administrators. Send your questions or comments regarding the program or the application process to and please CC: