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Caucus Groups
NCORE Caucuses

NCORE defines a caucus as "a place where participants retreat to a more private setting to process information, agree on strategy, confer and/or simply gain "breathing room" after the often emotionally-difficult interactions that can occur in the common area where all parties are present." Additionally, the caucus groups are asked to provide input to the program development process each year. The following is a current list of caucus groups that have self-organized for the upcoming conference.



Eva Long: 
Dear Aunaeittrakul:


John D. O’Bryant National Think Tank (JDOTT)

LaTashia Reedus:
Richard O’Bryant:


LGBTQ People of Color (QTPOC) Caucus

Mycall Riley:
Vanessa Gonzalez-Siegel:


Latinx Caucus

Raul Hinojosa:
Michele Soliz:


Multiracial Caucus

Christina Wan:
Hayley Haywood:


Native Delegates of NCORE

Ricardo Torres:


Whites Partnering to Dismantle Racism

Craig Elliott:

Information to Organize Caucus Meetings

NCORE supports the self-organization of identity groups. We gladly provide meeting space, and will assist in publicizing the times and locations of meetings. Caucus meetings are open to interested participants. To organize your own group, email  and express the following:

• the group’s plans and intentions for the formation of the caucus,
• generally, who the members will be, and
• the purpose of the organization

Please be aware that no group within NCORE can exclude any individual legitimately attending NCORE, who has paid whatever group fees may be levied of members, and who may wish to either attend the group’s meetings and/or become a member of it. Moreover, our own SWCHRS / NCORE Advisory Board members and SWCHRS / NCORE staff will at all times reserve the right to attend any and all caucus functions.