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New Kids on the BlockNew Kids on the Block

Wednesday, November 29, 2023  |  3:00-4:30 PM Central Time  |  Free  

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In this session, participants will learn about cultivation theory within the framework of identity, especially that of Gen Z. We will explore the development of these identities through the influence of music, film/television, and social media. These influences can be seen through the deconstruction of several concepts. These concepts include language and linguistics, fashion expression within gender roles, notions of sexuality, gender identity, and social interactions. 


Tyler A. Figueroa, BA, Assistant Director for Marketing and Communications, Division of Access and Opportunity, The University of Oklahoma    

Tyler Figueroa (they/he) is an avid art lover who primarily writes poetry and creates music. Figueroa is a graduate of Bradley University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. During their time at his alma mater, Figueroa majored in advertising and minored in theatre and creative writing, leading to a robust undergraduate experience. 

Figueroa began their journey into higher education in his role as Assistant Director for Marketing and Communications for the Division of Access and Opportunity at the University of Oklahoma. Figueroa aims to showcase the bridge between mass media and how it informs our socio-cultural lives. They presented their research at NCORE 23 with collaborator Onitsoa Ramananadroniaina. The duo plans to further their examination of Gen Z and their relationship within our society and media through further research.


Onintsoa Ramananandroniaina, BBA, Data Analyst Graduate Assistant, Division of Access and Opportunity, The University of Oklahoma

Onintsoa (Ony) Ramananandroniaina, a recent graduate hailing from Madagascar, holds a master's degree in data science and analytics from The University of Oklahoma. Proficient in three languages, Ony's academic journey has been a dynamic exploration of the intersections between technology, culture, and society.

Now, as a technical consultant in a forward-thinking company specializing in accounting software, Ony applies her talents to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and the intricate needs of financial systems.

Formerly a research assistant for the Division of Access and Opportunity, Ony leverages her ability to think critically and extrapolate data to contribute meaningfully to the realm of access and opportunity. Her multifaceted approach, honed during her academic journey, is now being utilized to shape innovative solutions in the corporate landscape.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ony continues to be captivated by the exploration of new cuisines, cultures, and linguistics. This passion for diversity extends seamlessly into her work, where she strives to create inclusive and effective solutions that cater to the diverse needs of clients.

As she embarks on this exciting chapter of her career, Ony is showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and positive impact.

Important Details:

  • Download the latest version of Zoom on your device BEFORE the webinar begins. Launch and sign into Zoom, click on your profile picture (top right corner) and select Check for Updates. 
  • A recording will be sent to registrants approximately one week after the webinar.
  • Live captions and sign language interpretation provided. Email for assistance.


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