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NCORE 2024 Group Registration

NCORE welcomes groups by offering a 10% discount when ten or more people are registered in a single transaction. There are two methods to register and receive the discount; both are outlined below. Details to gather for each registrant are listed at the bottom of this page.


METHOD 1 - Payment by Credit Card

Groups of ten or more may register online together in one transaction to earn 10% off current registration rates. The discount will be applied automatically when the tenth registration is entered. Payment must be made during that transaction by credit card only (VISA, MC, Discover, or AMEX). Plan to enter the entire group once you enter the registration system. When the final registrant is entered you may enter a credit card for payment.


METHOD 2 - Payment by Check

Form a confirmed group of ten or more people and choose a group leader to email to make registration and payment arrangements.

  • NCORE staff will process the registrations and provide a single invoice to the group leader. (Each registrant will receive their own confirmation email.)
  • Once the invoice is issued and sent to the group leader, only substitutions can be made. NCORE will not be able to add or remove group members and change the invoice. Any new registrations will need to be made online and the group discount will not apply to those registrations. 
  • The final day to register with this method is Tuesday April 23, 2024. After that date, you will need to register your group online and pay by credit card. 
  • Checks are due Monday, May 6, 2024, to: The University of Oklahoma Outreach Business and Accounting / Attn: Debbie Collum / 1700 Asp Avenue, Room 216, Norman, OK 73072. 


NCORE 2024 Registration Rates for Groups of 10 or More

   Early Bird (ends March 31st)   Regular (April 1st-June 3rd) 
Professionals  $625.50 $715.50
     Add an Optional Pre-Conference Institute $100.00 $100.00


Review the NCORE 2024 Terms and Conditions including information on Covid-19 protocols, refund/substitution policies, and more. (Opens in new window.)

Need a W-9? Click here to download.

Download an At-A-Glance Schedule

Group Transaction Instructions

  • Gather details for your group members. See below for a list of required and optional details needed.
  • Click this registration link (or the REGISTER button near the top of this page).
  • Begin entering details for the first person
  • IMPORTANT: if registering for someone else, check the box "I'm registering on behalf of this person" and enter YOUR information. This will send you a copy of the registration confirmations.
  • Finish entering details for them, then click the Add Another Registrant button at the bottom of the Registration Summary page.
  • Continue adding registrations and the discount will be applied automatically when the 10th person is added. 
  • Plan to enter all registrations in a single transaction; in other words, do not exit the registration system once you begin. Your progress may not be recoverable. 

Required Details to Gather

  • First and Last Name 
  • Email address (to avoid duplicate entries, each registration must have its own email address)
  • Organization/Institution 
  • Physical address
  • Cell phone
  • Accessibility
  • Dietary requests 
  • Pre-Conference Institute choice (if applicable)
  • Emergency contact name
  • Emergency contact phone
  • Other details you may enter are: pronouns, job title, and work phone. These are optional.
  • Registration has optional demographic profile questions that can be filled out during registration by the group organizer or later by individuals using a modification link found in their confirmation email. 

Upon submission, each group member will be sent their own registration confirmation. 

Need assistance or have questions? Email or call (405) 325-3694 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Time. 


Photo of fish and coral at top of page provided by the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority. Used with permission. As NCORE takes place in Hawai‘i, we ask that everyone models responsible behavior for all native species. Do not feed, disrupt, disturb, or harass any native species. Give them ample space and refrain from tagging their locations.