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Proactive Participation

As we bring NCORE to Honolulu in 2024 and share with you the changes we are making to align with our environmental sustainability values, we invite you demonstrate the power you have to make a difference with your proactive participation. On this page, NCORE staff members will be sharing their favorite tips as well as "travel hacks" to remember as we plan our conference journeys.

Staff Travel Hacks:

  • Stay Up! We recommend staying awake as long as possible on your arrival day to help with the time adjustment.
  • Be Aware of Sun Differences. The Hawaiian islands’ closeness to the equator leads to stronger ultraviolet radiation than most people experience. It’s vital to take precautions like wearing hats, sunglasses, clothing with UPF protection, and using eco-friendly sunscreen to defend against sunburn and illnesses related to heat.
  • Stay Hydrated! Drinking water will help you adjust and stay energized.
  • Protect yourself and the Environment: Hawai‘i has some of the strictest sunscreen laws in the United States. Bring only mineral sunscreen with you or purchase sunscreen in Hawai‘i. Consider wearing a sun/swim shirt or clothing with fabric that offers UV protection. 

Bring Your Own: 

  • water bottle
  • tote bag
  • lanyard (it should have a clip at each end that can fasten onto the style of badge in use)

You can pick up tokens at check-in to make donations to native Hawaiian community organizations when you bring these items from home.

Don't have a lanyard with a clip at each end? We will provide ones we hope you will keep and use at future conferences!

Support the Community:

Explore local businesses, restaurants, and venues. Guides are coming soon with recommendations from community members, so please check back!


Join us in making NCORE an educational and enriching experience and a sustainable one. Together, we can create a positive impact on our planet and community. Thank you for your proactive participation.



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Photo at top of page of an image of a school of fish provided by the Hawai'i Tourism Authority. Photo used with permission.