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NCORE has a variety of webinars available on-demand to view at your convenience. We provide many free-of-charge, and we have several available with a fee. This small fee gives NCORE the ability to continue to produce relevant and important content. Take advantage and view a session or two today and let us know what topics you'd like to see in a future webinar!

Recorded webinars are captioned and transcript files will be posted below if they are available. Beginning with the 2020-2021 series, sessions will have sign language interpretation.

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Free Webinars Available Now:


Leading with Soul: Sisters of the Academy Leading at PWIs (91 min)  [ transcript ]

The Tightrope of Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom in Bias Reporting, Response and Dialogue (91 min)  [ transcript ]

Beyond the Demands: Examining Institutional Characteristics that Predict Black Student Protest Events (63 min)  [ transcript ]

​Mindfully Resolving Cross-Cultural Conflicts in the Classroom​ (90 min) [ transcript ]

Oklahoma Indigenous Higher Education Webinar (143 min) [ transcript ]

Killing Me Softly: Suicide Among African American, Asian, Pacific Islander and LGBTQ+ Students (89 min) [ transcript ]

Accepted to Assimilate: Implications for Racial Mismatch Between Education Ph.D. Students and Their Faculty (85 min) [ transcript ]

ADOS, XYZ Countries, and (Which) Black Lives Matter: Engaging Contemporary Intra-racial and Transnational Dynamics Surrounding Black College Students (87 min) [ transcript ]

When They See Us: Experiences of Black Males Navigating Historically White Institutions (92 min) [ transcript ]

A Generative Approach to Latinx Student Leadership Development (92 min)  [ transcript ]

The REAL Story: Creating a Program for Foster Youth, by Foster Youth (73 min)  [ transcript ]

Behind the Masks: Uncovering Assumptions, Biases and Stereotypes (87 min)

Being Alive Into the Future! (68 min)

Grieving NCORE in the Time of COVID: Strategies for Self-Care and Engagement (60 min)

Self-Care in the time of COVID - Strategies for Maintaining Intimacy, Physical Health and Mental Well-Being (85 min)

Discovering Common Ground Across Differences: An Innovative Course on Facilitating Difficult Conversations (90 min)

There's a Drama To It: Innovative Way of Teaching about Power, Resistance, and Social Justice Through Sports (90 min)

Race in Medical Education (85 min)

Woke Olympics and Social Justice Arrogance (88 min)

Navigating Academia in PWCs and Universities: A Guide to Equip First-Generation Students of Color to Thrive in Higher Education (84 min)

The Struggle is Too Real: Cultivating a Spirit of Resilience for the Long Haul of Diversity Leadership (86 min)

Maximizing Your Students' Experience at NCORE (88 min)

Introduction to Social Justice Models of Disability (83 min)

The Intersection of Strengths and Social Identity: Using the Clifton Strengths to Engage Conversation about Difference (88 min)

Kaleidoscope: Improving Campus Culture using a Program with a Diversity Lens (80 min)

The Dehumanization of Indigenous Women (90 min)

NCORE 101: What to Expect and How to Show Up! (86 min)


Fee-Based Webinars On Demand:

Fostering Connection: A Relational Approach to Advocacy

Presenter: Dr. Shekila Melchior, PhD, NCC

62 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


Managing Difficult Conversations and Dynamics in the Classroom: An Interactive Workshop

Presenters: Abigail Leeder, MA, and the Rehearsals for Life Graduate Student Theatre Troupe

105 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


It's Complicated: Taking Up Space as Asian American Women in Higher Education

Presenters: Claire Valderama-Wallace, Ph.D., MPH, RN and Elizabeth Ching, OTD, M.Ed., BSOT, OTR/L

85 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


Diversity Senior Leadership Roles within Higher Education: Are You Ready?

Presenters: Celina Chatman-Nelson, Ph.D. and Tamara A. Johnson, Ph.D.

86 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


Using Autoethnography to Develop Race Cognizance in White Folks on Campus

Presenter: Hallie Star, EdD

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


The MIS-Education of the Black Male Student-Athlete: How Socio-demographic (Self) Identifiers Influence their Identity Development and their Involvement in College 

Presenter: Dashan J. Axson-Lawrence, M.Ed., M.S. 

65 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar

The Forgotten Constituency: Engaging Staff in Campus DEI Initiatives 

Presenters: Jane Berliss-Vincent, A.M.L.S., Tyne Lucas, B.S., Nichole Burnside, M.B.A., Steve Vinson, M.H.S.A., 
Tina Jordan, B.A.S., Mary Rose, Ph.D.

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


And Then They Came for Me, and No One was Left: The Inequities of Cancel Culture

Presenters: Sabrina Griffith, SHRM-CP, CDP and Ebony M. Ramsey, M.Ed.

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


"Race, Class, Gender and Media”: Teaching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Media and Communications Studies

Presenter: Meta Carstarphen, Ph.D., APR, Professor, The University of Oklahoma

75 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


Multiple Front Lines--Everything Involved in What We Call (Online) learning

Presenters: Claire Valderama-Wallace, PhD, MPH, RN - California State University, East Bay; Angela L. Jones, PhD - Howard University; Ricardo Montelongo, PhD - Sam Houston State University; Kristina Marshall, JD - Baker College

88 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


Reckoning with the Racism and Colonialism of Nursing Education to Move Towards Health Equity and Healing

Presenter: Claire Valderama-Wallace, PhD, MPH, RN - California State University, East Bay

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


Racism and Infectious Disease: Understanding the Impact of COVID-19

Presenters: Dr. Li-Chen Chin, Dr. Lily Cho, Avvy Yao-Yao Go, Dr. Jennifer Ho, and Yun Sun

98 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


We're not White: Racial Identity Construction of Arab American College Students

Presenter: Nina Shoman-Dajani, EdD

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


Hashtags and Unfollows: Race and racism in the age of social media

Presenters: Alana Anderson, PhD and Kevin Gin, PhD

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


Race, Immigration, and Fake News

Presenter: Kristina Marshall, J.D.  |  Baker College

84 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


Keeping the Dream Alive: A College-wide Approach to Embracing DREAMers

Presenters: Eric Lara, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Student Success and Equity | Laura Muniz, Counselor, DREAM Program | Darío Fernandez, Director, DREAM Program

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


When the ### hits the fan: Reactionary Programming Toolkit

Presenters: Monica M. Johnson, Rory Gregg James, and Brian Richardson | Indiana University, Bloomington

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar


From Woodson to Wakanda: Emancipatory Pedagogy & The Miseducation of the Negro in American Higher Education Today

Presenter: Dr. Terrell Strayhorn

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar