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The Intersection of Strengths and Social Identity: Using the Clifton Strengths to Engage Conversation about Difference

Presenter: Daniel Almeida, PhD | California Polytechnic State University 

This session engages participants in a discussion to unpack concepts of privilege and oppression and explore how our experiences of privilege and oppression have empowered or constrained our development and use of our natural talents using The Clifton Strengths Assessment. 

Kaleidoscope: Improving Campus Culture using a Program with a Diversity Lens

Presenters: Crystal Jushka, M.Ed., Adrienne German, MS | University of Wisconsin 

This session examines the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Kaleidoscope program, developed to create a more welcoming campus, create cultural competence among students, staff, and faculty, and increase matriculation of underrepresented students. 

Introduction to Social Justice Models of Disability

Presenter: Julie Alexander | Purdue University

Social justice models of disabilities define a disability as the result of the interaction between a person with an impairment and an environment that creates a barrier for that individual. Social justice models differ from medical models in that it places more emphasis on social factors and environmental design. This session will highlight societal attitudes towards people with disabilities through a discussion on media representation, messaging, microaggressions and explore how higher education institutions can be more inclusive to people with disabilities.