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NCORE 2019 Group Discount Information

To encourage and reward groups, NCORE offers a 10% registration discount to groups of 10 or more participants from the same organization. Students may not be included to create your group of 10. Gather a group of 10 or more people, apply for group status, and allow time for NCORE to create your group registration link BEFORE registering to attend. 

NCORE Conference Rate with Group Discount (four days)

$625 ($715 beginning April 1, 2019)

NCORE Conference  + Pre-Conference Institute Rate with Group Discount (five days)

$715 ($805 beginning April 1, 2019)


1) Select a Group Organizer who will be the primary point of contact between your organization and NCORE staff

2) Group Organizer should submit a Group Discount Application with the names of ten future registrants. (This does not register individuals for the conference; that part comes later.)

3) Upon verification, an NCORE staff member will email a unique discount registration link to the Group Organizer

  1.  The discount link can be used to register the ten listed on the application plus any others from your organization
  2.  The discounted rate is embedded in the link; no code is needed
  3.  If you will pay using multiple sources, you can split the group by using multiple transactions. All attendees do not need to be in the same transaction

Group formation deadline: April 17, 2019. Groups formed by April 1, 2019, will be listed in the printed Program Guide. Those formed after will be shown in digital publications. 

Group Discount Application


When groups of ten or more are established, the organization’s name will be listed below. Clicking the link opens an email window to that Group's Organizer so you can request  the discount registration link from them. If you do not use Microsoft Outlook, email NCORE directly ( to request assistance.

2019 Groups