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Session Title

1120: Designing and facilitating diversity and social justice education: Honing our skills

Session Times

Tuesday, May 28: 9:00-11:30 a.m. and 1:30-5:30 p.m.


Many people on college campuses are engaged in doing some kind of education about diversity and social justice issues-workshops, classes, trainings, etc. Frequently, people in these roles have content knowledge or lived experiences, yet have not had the opportunity to gain formal training on how to educate others or to intentionally develop their skills. This session should particularly benefit people who already have the basics around social justice content and some experience with facilitation, but would like to further improve their design and facilitation skills. The goal of the workshop is to help people become more effective social justice educators. It will be highly interactive with a mix of theory, discussion, practical strategies, and practice. It is not focused on learning new activities.  

In the first part of the institute, we will review some key concepts and principles for effective diversity and social justice education. We will discuss the importance of design and its connection to facilitation. A well-designed session can reduce facilitation challenges. We will review some key features of good workshop design including the importance of clear goals, climate setting, and sequencing of activities. Some facilitation tools will be shared and practiced. In the second part of the institute, significant time will be devoted to addressing the particular issues and needs of the participants and practicing how to handle specific situations, such as resistance, conflict and strong emotions, responding to microaggressions, and feeling triggered. Participants should leave the institute with ways to more intentionally design their social justice educational sessions, enhanced facilitation skills, and greater competency to address issues that arise.


Diane Goodman, EdD, Diversity Consultant