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Session Title

1113: Understanding and leveraging the student voice to impact institutional change

Session Times

Tuesday, May 28: 9:00-11:30 a.m. and 1:30-5:30 p.m.


Serving as the opening session of the NCORE Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP), this day long pre-conference institute seeks to equip undergraduate student participants with the skills to be transformative leaders within their respective higher education institutions. This institute will be presented and has been developed by the student leadership and participation committee, a group of professionals whose leadership experiences span the many types of institutions and the multiple professional levels of higher education. During the institute, participants will take part in case study exercises that explore student movements on campus, in depth brainstorming and discussion around leveraging student voices to affect change. Students should walk away from this institute, and the conference as a whole, with a better understanding of the complex political structures that exist within all higher education institutions and the many ways that students may strategically navigate these complex structures in an effort to create long lasting and positive change.


Quantá Taylor, MA, Assistant Director of Student Involvement, Student Activities - Office of Student Life, The Ohio State University

David Garcia, Assistant Dean Pathway Programs and Inclusion, Washington State University -- Pullman, Washington

Jasmine Scott, Assistant Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Initiatives, NASPA -- Washington, DC

Angie Wellman, Associate Director of Inclusive Programming, The Ohio State University, -- Columbus, OH

Nicole Johnson, Associate Dean of Students, Center for Race, Equity, and Identity, Goucher College -- Baltimore, MD