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Session Title

1109: Clearing a path for healing to enter: Exploring a process of liberation from internalized racism

Session Times

Tuesday, May 28: 9:00-11:30 a.m. and 1:30-5:30 p.m.


Internalized racism is part of the system of chains contributing to the continuation of racism affecting racially oppressed groups. It has encouraged the physical, spiritual, and emotional self-mutilation and self-degradation of a community of people. By influencing the psychological experience of people of color, it has enticed individuals to contribute to their own demise within a larger system of oppression. Because this is a cognitive phenomenon over which individuals can have agency, it is important to study, understand, and seek out ways that groups of color are able to gain a liberatory perspective in the midst of a racist society, just as it is important for whites to work to gain a liberatory perspective over internalized dominance. This interactive institute workshop, specifically designed for individuals who identify as people of color or multiracial and who have a subordinated identity in a system of racism, grounds itself in a dissertation study of black and African American women, which explore a process of liberation from internalized racism. It will investigate the complexity of the phenomena of internalized racism and offer participants the opportunity to explore manifestations of internalized racism and consequences of internalized racism in their personal and professional lives. Additionally, participants will explore models and tools of liberation and how and why practicing a liberatory consciousness is a path to confronting internalized racism in the midst of a racially oppressive society. This session should particularly benefit participants who want to explore another way to challenge a system of oppression, want to understand the psychological impacts of oppression, and work toward individual and collective healing.


Tanya Williams, EdD, Consultant and Coach, Authentic Coaching and Consulting