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Big city excitement and small town charm make Portland, Oregon, known as "the City of Roses,” one of the favorite destinations in the West. Portland is situated approximately 70 miles from the Pacific Ocean in a magnificent setting between the sparkling waters of the Columbia and Willamette rivers. Portland's historic old town, galleries and museums, Saturday Market, and theatre companies will keep you busy! Its lush green parks are perfect for a picnic or an afternoon stroll.  

Portland's award-winning mass transit system is one of the most extensive and advanced in the U.S. The transit system includes buses, streetcars, historic trollies, and the MAX, an urban light rail line. It's fun to take a relaxing ride on the MAX train and watch the Portland world slide by.

Portland was built with walking in mind. The short blocks, combined with public art and old fashioned statuary, fountains, bridges, and parks offer opportunities for leisure and contemplation for the casual stroller. Walking tours of the downtown area focusing on the best of the city's art, architecture, urban parks, and fountains are available. For the more adventuresome walker, Forest Park has over 70 miles of trails.

Nightlife in Portland is excellent and varied. This includes the world-class performances of the internationally-known Oregon Symphony. Performing arts in the area offer ballet, Shakespeare, Broadway musicals, modern dance, and much more. Oregon Zoo concerts are a summer treat, with music for all kinds of listeners. Portland has many local pubs and brewhouses, where tasting local microbrews is considered a fine way to spend an evening. The Rose City is the home of the Trail Blazers basketball team, and also has hockey and baseball for sports fans.

A splendid location, relaxed respectability, and an urban lifestyle that is unsurpassed for its livability makes Portland a city to visit and remember.

The Vanport Mosaic

The Vanport Mosaic, a memory activism platform that amplifies, honors, presents, and preserves the silenced histories that surround us, invites NCORE attendees to the fourth VANPORT MOSAIC FESTIVAL May 21-June 5. May 30th marks the 71st anniversary of the flood that destroyed Vanport, once Oregon’s second largest city, and the largest WWII federal housing project in the United States. For the fourth year, The Vanport Mosaic invites the public to explore a little-known chapter of our past that still influences our city’s dynamics, with several events commemorating the multicultural and multi-racial City of Vanport. 

Full Program and RSVPs for two weeks of screenings, exhibits, tours, and theater performances, and the first one of its kind Memory Activism Fair: Questions: 

The events are offered free or low-cost to the community, and hosted in various venues in N/NE Portland.

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