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NCORE has a variety of webinars available on-demand to view at your convenience. We provide many free-of-charge, and we have several available with a fee. This small fee gives NCORE the ability to continue to produce relevant and important content. Take advantage and view a session or two today and let us know what topics you'd like to explore in a future webinar!

Recorded webinars are captioned and transcript files will be posted below if they are available. Beginning with the 2020-2021 series, sessions will have sign language interpretation.

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Free Webinars from 2020-2021 Series:

The REAL Story: Creating a Program for Foster Youth, by Foster Youth  - Recorded September 2, 2020 - (73 min)  [ transcript ]

A Generative Approach to Latinx Student Leadership Development - Recorded October 7, 2020 - (92 min)  [ transcript ]

When They See Us: Experiences of Black Males Navigating Historically White Institutions - Recorded December 2, 2020 - (92 min) [ transcript ]

ADOS, XYZ Countries, and (Which) Black Lives Matter: Engaging Contemporary Intra-racial and Transnational Dynamics Surrounding Black College Students - Recorded February 3, 2021 - (87 min) [ transcript ]

Accepted to Assimilate: Implications for Racial Mismatch Between Education Ph.D. Students and Their Faculty - Recorded March 3, 2021 - (85 min) [ transcript ]

Killing Me Softly: Suicide Among African American, Asian, Pacific Islander and LGBTQ+ Students - Recorded April 7, 2021 - (89 min) [ transcript ]

Oklahoma Indigenous Higher Education Webinar - Recorded April 21, 2021 - (143 min) [ transcript ]

Fee-Based Webinars from 2020-2021 Series:

Reckoning with the Racism and Colonialism of Nursing Education to Move Towards Health Equity and Healing

Presenter: Claire Valderama-Wallace, PhD, MPH, RN - California State University, East Bay

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Recorded September 30, 2020  |  Purchase this webinar


Multiple Front Lines--Everything Involved in What We Call (Online) learning

Presenters: Claire Valderama-Wallace, PhD, MPH, RN - California State University, East Bay; Angela L. Jones, PhD - Howard University; Ricardo Montelongo, PhD - Sam Houston State University; Kristina Marshall, JD - Baker College

88 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |    Recorded October 14, 2020  |  Purchase this webinar


"Race, Class, Gender and Media”: Teaching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Media and Communications Studies

Presenter: Meta Carstarphen, Ph.D., APR, Professor, The University of Oklahoma

75 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Recorded October 28, 2020  |  Purchase this webinar


And Then They Came for Me, and No One was Left: The Inequities of Cancel Culture

Presenters: Sabrina Griffith, SHRM-CP, CDP and Ebony M. Ramsey, M.Ed.

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Recorded November 18, 2020  |  Purchase this webinar


The Forgotten Constituency: Engaging Staff in Campus DEI Initiatives 

Presenters: Jane Berliss-Vincent, A.M.L.S., Tyne Lucas, B.S., Nichole Burnside, M.B.A., Steve Vinson, M.H.S.A., 
Tina Jordan, B.A.S., Mary Rose, Ph.D.

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Recorded January 27, 2021  |  Purchase this webinar


The MIS-Education of the Black Male Student-Athlete: How Socio-demographic (Self) Identifiers Influence their Identity Development and their Involvement in College 

Presenter: Dashan J. Axson-Lawrence, M.Ed., M.S. 

65 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Purchase this webinar



Using Autoethnography to Develop Race Cognizance in White Folks on Campus

Presenter: Hallie Star, EdD

90 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Recorded March 31, 2021  |  Purchase this webinar on-demand soon


Diversity Senior Leadership Roles within Higher Education: Are You Ready?

Presenters: Celina Chatman-Nelson, Ph.D. and Tamara A. Johnson, Ph.D.

86 min  |  Cost: $25.00  |  Recorded April 28, 2021  |  Purchase this webinar