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Were the sessions recorded? How do I view them?
Recordings have been posted to the conference platform. Kindly note, all presenters were empowered with the choice to record their session, and in some cases declined to do so, as needed. As such, not every session will have a recording posted. To view recordings, log back into the the conference site and navigate to a session's page. Its video, if available, will be posted there and available until June 7, 2022.


Where are handouts/slide decks/resource materials?
If provided, these items have been posted to the individual session pages. Log back into the conference site and navigate to the session's page. All materials posted will be available until June 7, 2022.


How do I log into the conference platform?
The conference platform is open for registrants. Visit this page for login instructions.


    May I log in on more than one device?
    Registration is set up for one virtual conference login for one individual. It is not for multiple simultaneous logins / multiple locations. Log out of one device before signing onto another device. Login information should be protected and not shared.


    Do I need a password?
    No; all you need is the email address used to register and access to that mailbox. 




    I missed the live conference. May I register to view the content on demand?
    Yes. Click here to learn more and register.


    Can I log in to make any changes after I register?
    No. Please email





    How do I receive Continuing Education Units for NCORE?
    If you indicated you wished to receive CEUs during registration, no action is needed on your part. The Registration & Records Department at the University of Oklahoma Outreach/College of Continuing Education is in the process of sending CEU certificates. You can present it to your respective licensing boards, governing bodies, and organizations for consideration as continuing education credit. Note: CEUs are not valid for college/academic credit.

    If you did not sign up for CEUs during registration but would like to receive them, email us as soon as possible.


    How many CEUs will I earn for attending NCORE?
    One (1.0) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) will be awarded for each day you attend.



    Tell me about the next NCORE.
    NCORE 2022 will be held in person May 31-June 4, in Portland, Oregon. There will also be additional online NCORE events. Details to be determined and announced.


    How do I learn more about NCORE?
    Click HERE to sign up for NCORE newsletters. Check out some past newsletters by clicking the buttons below:


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    Questions? Contact us at