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NCORE invites you to learn about and celebrate the 2021 Suzan Shown Harjo Award recipients, Dr. Cornel Pewewardy and Dr. Barbara Jones, and the 2021 Equity and Social Justice Award recipients, Dr. Toby Jenkins, Dr. Susan Robb Jones, Dr. Alta Mauro, Yadiar K. Hernández Pérez, and Dr. Cris Clifford Cullinan. 


Suzan Shown Harjo Award     Equity and Social Justice Award


The NCORE Suzan Shown Harjo Systemic Social Justice Award is an annual recognition of the work of an individual or organization whose actions have been transformational on social justice issues of race, ethnicity, and sovereignty at the systemic level by affecting laws, policies, organizational structures, and community practices.


The NCORE Equity and Social Justice Award is presented annually in the following categories:

SCHOLARSHIP -- An individual who has consistently contributed to NCORE through their presentation and scholarship over the years.

MENTORSHIP -- An individual recognized for their mentorship because they have brought people to NCORE, worked closely with students and/or colleagues, and served as a model for equity and social justice.

CHANGE AGENT -- An individual who would be considered an up-and-coming scholar and/or change agent in the field of diversity/inclusion/equity/social justice.