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Fostering & Promoting Inclusion: Achieving Excellence In Written and Oral Communication For Successful Leadership [ SESSION FULL ]

Index #1017

Level of Experience: Novice
Session Track: Student Interest and Engagement

Talk The Talk! Walk the Walk! This Institute should speak  to Student Leaders Who Wish to Communicate Successfully Across Cultural Borders. Focus and clarity are keys to effective written and oral communication. Leaders need  to reach diverse campus audiences both when trying to build alliances on issues of importance and when helping build an inclusive campus environment.
Today's student leaders are being recognized for the crucial role they play in shaping the vision of their institutions. Because their interactions with faculty, staff, the administration and other campus and off-campus organizational leaders require intercultural competence skills along with being able to articulate issues important to them and their peers, they are challenged to be able to write and speak well on a variety of topics of concern, in order to find allies and create coalitions, and do so in an obvious inclusive manner. 

Acquiring and honing excellent communication skills requires acquiring the tools that lead to written communication that can lead to reaching diverse audiences in a clear, focused, and inclusive way, using proven methods of dialogue, not debate; in other words, creating written dialogue that is both inclusive and to the point, with an eye for learning who your audience is or may be. 
Leadership implies excellence, striving for success, and a willingness to share information, while being accountable for the information you share.  Dialogue helps this to happen.  Writing the outcome of that dialogue for diverse audiences helps a leader's communication to happen more broadly in the campus environment and to give more emphasis to the position taken or the change(s) wished to be made. 

Having productive and meaningful dialogue and using that as a tool to write with clarity about the issues it raises are both processes. Take those 'steps' with us through the entire training together, and, through this Institute, we will share these processes with you as you strive to achieve excellent communicative skills and successful messaging. 


Janice D. M. Mitchell, EdD, CDP, Professor Emerita, World Languages and Cultures, Gallaudet University, Washington, District of Columbia

Kamakshi Murti, PhD, Professor emerita, German, Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont

Kyra CM Wooden, J.D., Management & Program Analyst, Federal  Government, Silver Spring, MD