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Student Social Justice Training Institute  [ SESSION FULL ]

Index #1016

Level of Experience: Novice
Session Track: Student Interest and Engagement

This session should particularly benefit students who are looking to explore how we can create more inclusive and liberatory spaces on campus and/or in their communities regardless of the current experience they have. The current national and global context is centralizing identity in many ways. There is an increased focus and awareness on how race, class, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and more are having an impact on how people live and operate. Colleges and universities are often places where students have a strong voice and play a major role in addressing these issues. While we might be getting opportunities to learn about the issues, we don’t always have the opportunity to focus on how to apply our learnings. How do we build community? How do we hold ourselves and others accountable? How do we engage conflict and dissonance? How do we apply theoretical concepts in the lived environment? How do we center our work in values such as love and compassion? These are examples of questions we hope to explore with students in this session where participants and presenters will co-construct the experience.


Carmen Rivera, PhD, Talent Manager for Organizational Development, Division of Student Affairs, Colorado State University—Fort Collins, CO
Rev. Sam Offer
, Vice President, Washington Consulting Group—Baltimore, MD
Craig Elliott, PhD
, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services, Samuel Merritt University—Oakland, CA