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The University of Michigan’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Planning Initiative

Index #1014

Level of Experience: All Levels
Session Track: Race and Social Justice in Higher Education

This session will benefit any academic institution developing a strategic plan for Diversity.  Participants should have a basic knowledge of the strategic planning process, and experience with developing campus-wide programs.  This Pre-Conference Institute will provide an overview of the development process used by University of Michigan’s senior leadership to assist the units in developing their plans.  These unit plans were incorporated into the institution’s 5-year strategic diversity plan.  The attendees to the Institute will also work in groups to develop a template that can be used to start the strategic planning process for their campuses. Attendees will leave the Institute with the framework for a Campus Wide Diversity Plan.  This is the third year of the plan and this session will include evaluation of the first two years.

During the panel discussion, presenters representing a variety of units at the University (for example Academic Affairs, a College of the University, a School of the University) will discuss the current climate at U-M, and review the development process for unit plans. Included in this group will be a University of Michigan student to give the student view of the plan.   In addition, the implementation/roll out of the overall plan will be discussed. 

Special guest speaker: Dr. Katrina Wade-Golden is Deputy Chief Diversity Officer within the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (ODEI), as well as Director of Implementation for the Campus wide Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan – Video


Katrina Wade-Golden, PhD, Director of Evaluation and Assessment, Office of the Vice Provost for Equity, Inclusion, and Academic Affairs, Academic Multicultural Initiatives, University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, MI

Charles G. Ransom, Multicultural Studies Librarian, University of Michigan Library, University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, MI

Marlanna Landeros, Program Manager - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Student Programs, and Adjunct Lecturer in Social Work, School of Social Work, Division of Public Safety & Security, University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, MI

Kellyn Mackerl-Cooper, Associate Director, Trotter Multicultural Center, University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, MI

Gloryvee Fonseca-Bolorin, Academic Program Manager, and Coordinator of Women of Color in the Academy Project, Center for the Education of Women + (CEW+), University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, MI

Elizabeth James, Academic and/Or Research Program Officer Associate, College of Lit, Science & Arts, Department of Afroamerican and African Studies, University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, MI

Janice Rueben, Senior Associate for Programs and Outreach, Women of Color Task Force Program Coordinator, Center for the Education of Women + (CEW+), University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, MI

Nicole Burnside, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Manager, Equity and Inclusion Implementation Lead, School of Public Health, University of Michigan--Ann Arbor, MI