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Centering Relationships for Systems Change: Moving Out of Fear Toward Connection and Principled Action [ SESSION FULL ]

Index #1013

Level of Experience: All
Session Track: Race and Social Justice in Higher Education

Have you struggled to listen to (let alone understand) someone who disagrees with you, how you think, or how you live your life? Do you find yourself unfriending people in your social networks or cutting off relationships because of opposing beliefs? You are not alone. In this workshop you will learn how fear and power imbalances impact our capacity to communicate and connect with people different from us, and what it means to remain “value-based” in your actions, even in the face of conflict, disagreement, and dominance. You will deepen your understanding of how building and centering authentic relationships provides the necessary foundation for sustainable, systemic racial and social change. “Systems and institutions are made up of humans and in order to change systems, we must change humans.” (Nanci Luna Jiménez)

Join us for this interactive session to reflect on what is blocking you from building the kind of relationships and making the kind of systemic change you are striving for. This session benefits participants with all levels of experience, interested in taking away language, frameworks, practices, and a unique application of student development theory for centering relationships and advancing value-based movement building and transformational systems change.


Nanci Luna Jiménez, CPF, Founder & President, Luna Jiménez Institute for Social Transformation—Portland, OR
Kathleen Rice, PhD, CTF, Associate, Luna Jiménez Institute for Social Transformation—Portland, OR
Eileen Webb, Associate, Luna Jiménez Institute for Social Transformation—Portland, OR