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Equity, Transnationalism, and Decolonization in the Context of “Two Pandemics” [ SESSION FULL ]

Index #1012

Level of Experience: Intermediate
Session Track: Transnational, Multicultural, International

In this Institute, participants will engage in discussions about the effects of COVID and Systemic Racism on the educational, social, and international programs and activities in their respective institutions and communities. Taking into account how these “two pandemics” combine to expose institutional and societal inequities, we will go on to explore the strategies that have been employed to address the problems related to COVID and systemic racism – noting the limits, possibilities and effectiveness of the strategies, and what further needs to be done or be in place in the institutions and society to produce contexts in which racial, health and social concerns are not barriers to individuals’ full or healthy participation. It is expected that reference will be made to how anti-Black, anti-Asian, and anti-Indigenous racism have operated or are operating in the advancement of equity, transnationalism, and decolonization.


Li-Chen Chin, PhD, Assistant Vice President for Intercultural Programs, Duke University, Durham, NC

Cristine Clifford Cullinan, PhD, Founder, ALiVE:  Actual Leadership in Vital Equity, Wilsonville, OR

Carl James, PhD, Professor, Faculty of Education and the Graduate Program in Sociology, York University, Toronto, Canada

Annette Henry, PhD, Professor, Language and Literacy Education, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada