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Confronting Anti-Blackness in Non-Black Communities of Color 

Index #1003

Level of Experience: Intermediate
Session Track: Intersectionality, Identities and Discussions

This session should particularly benefit anyone who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of anti-blackness in the United States, and how it operates in non-black communities of color. This session will examine sociological theories of oppression and systemic racism to understand how anti-blackness works in our society. We will discuss how anti-blackness shows up in non-black communities of color, specifically Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA), Latinx, and Multiracial communities. We will take some time to reflect and unpack personal experiences with anti-blackness in our respective communities.  Together, the group will identify ways to combat anti-blackness in non-black communities of color. 

This session is open to all experience levels, and it is intended for APIDA, Latinx, and Multiracial conference attendees. 


Dear Aunaetitrakul, Assistant Director, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL

Mark Dawson, Student Affairs Coordinator, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Eva Long, Assistant Director for Leadership and Advocacy, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL

Cindy J. Toscano, Director, Child Care Program Quality Improvement / Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, TOOTRiS On Demand Child Care, San Diego, CA