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Suzan Shown Harjo Award

The NCORE Suzan Shown Harjo Activist for Systemic Social Justice Award is an annual recognition of the work of an individual or organization whose actions have been transformational on social justice issues of race, ethnicity, and sovereignty at the systemic level by affecting laws, policies, organizational structures, and community practices.
The awardee is selected by a rotating committee of invited members of the NCORE community.  Three broad criteria are used to evaluate the nominee's impact in each of these three areas:
  • For whom is the nominee engaged in social justice advocacy?
  • What is or has been the nominee's potential for impact?
  • How has their social justice advocacy translated into action? 
  • What is or has been the nominee's potential for impact?
  • What are the demonstrable outcomes of their social justice activism?
  • Who has their social justice activism changed local, regional, national, or international communities?
2017 NCORE Honors Thomas J Hill

NCORE extends our gratitude to Sohail Shehada for creating the beautiful sculptures honoring the recipients. Learn more about Sohail and his work here.



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