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NCORE supports participants with visible and invisible disabilities, mental and physical health concerns, and marginalized communities and cultures that require specific accommodations to feel safe and included. The following accommodations are provided at NCORE events whenever possible. Always report your needs when you register so NCORE staff can plan accordingly.

For accommodations tailored to our Webinar Series and online conference, please visit our Online Accessibility page. Questions? Contact us at



All-gender and gendered restrooms will be evenly distributed throughout the conference space to ensure all participants have comfortable and convenient options. Check locations on these maps: Oregon Convention Center / Hyatt Regency Hotel

photo of two people in all gender restroom


person slicing peppers

Some NCORE events will have food and beverages. Remember to mark your dietary needs when you register! Some things to keep in mind:

  • Indicate your dietary preferences on your registration form. Email if your needs change. If someone else completes your registration, please make them aware of your needs.
  • Use the fill-in field for food allergies on the registration form. If you have an extensive list of what you cannot eat, consider sending a list of what you can eat to
  • Halal and Kosher meals: please select ‘Vegetarian’ or ‘Vegan’.
  • Preparation by chefs will be as inclusive as possible (i.e., vegetable stock instead of animal-based stock, lower lactose levels, etc.). All items will be labeled gluten-free, nut-free, etc.
  • Specialty plates may be stored separately to ensure participants with severe allergies receive them as requested. If you have questions on-site, check with NCORE Staff or the venue’s Banquet Staff. 

Items served will span a variety of dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more). Allergens will be factored into planning and preparation. Every effort will be made to provide nutritious and flavorful food and beverage items with the hope that they will be enjoyed by all. We recognize that personal cuisine preferences may not be met at all times despite such efforts. Consider packing a favorite non-perishable and protein-packed snack in your tote bag.

Food Functions at NCORE 2022: 

Wednesday evening: Welcome Reception with hors d'oeuvres

Thursday morning: continental breakfast

Friday morning: continental breakfast

Saturday: closing luncheon


photo of bottle with cork lid and lavender sprigs


When thousands gather to attend a conference like NCORE, personal fragrances quickly become a concentrated hazard for participants with asthma, allergies, migraines, chronic lung disease, and other health issues. 

We ask that NCORE participants limit or refrain from using fragrances while attending our conference in consideration of these participants. 

Visit this website for more information.


All general sessions will have sign language interpreters and live captions.

Participants who require sign language, live captions, and/or Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) for all conference events need to request these services when they register. Six weeks notice is required to schedule service. Every effort will be made to schedule a service or obtain equipment if you register under six weeks before the start of the conference.



Resource rooms will be available to breastfeeding/chestfeeding participants. Mamava pods are located in the Oregon Convention Center near the "A" and "E" meeting rooms on the first level. More Information. Visit the Accessibility Room G-132 with questions.

At the Hyatt Regency Hotel, connect with NCORE staff in the Planner Office  located in the first level meeting space.

No other infant/child care services are provided by NCORE.

person holding a baby
three friends sitting on a couch


Make the most of your NCORE experience without sacrificing your personal health and wellbeing. Consider journaling your thoughts and feelings. Talk to a friend. Take breaks. Get outside. Find a quiet spot and relax. Breathe deeply. Repeat.


Aisles in sessions and at NCORE events will be wide enough to accommodate mobility equipment and devices. All efforts will be made to help keep ramps, doorways, and accessibility buttons clear.

The Oregon Convention Center offers complimentary scooters and wheelchairs on a first come, first served basis. Stop by the Welcome Desk on the Lobby Level to check out a wheelchair or electric scooter. Equipment is available on a first come, first served basis. McCann's Medical rents mobility equipment should you need it beyond the convention center.


person using wheelchair


A Prayer & Meditation room will be located in the Oregon Convention Center, level one, Room G130, for participants who require privacy and space for their religious and spiritual practices. Please note dietary restrictions related to your religious or spiritual practice when you register. Halal and Kosher: please select ‘Vegan’.


presenters at board

NCORE presenters and keynote speakers are contractually obligated to build accessible presentations so no one is left out of the conversation. NCORE provides all presenters with a PowerPoint template built with recommended formatting and required slides (Land Acknowledgement, Inclusion Statement). Download our In-Person Presentation Accessibility Guide for full requirements. 


Key in-person presentation requirements include:


Must be used for ALL presentations, panels, and Q&As. NO EXCEPTIONS. Projecting your voice is not enough and not all participants are comfortable self-identifying or self-advocating.


All videos shared during online sessions must be captioned.
Announce the use of loud music and/or flashing lights, images, or video at the beginning of presentations and before use so participants with sensory concerns can plan and act accordingly.
Speak clearly and at a reasonable pace. Pause between topics and for questions so participants have time to process and react to information. This also helps sign language interpreters and captioners provide quality services to participants. 
Describe images, video, and audio used during presentations and how they connect with your presentation. Bonus points if presenters describe themselves before they speak for the first time!


Provide digital handouts and/or large print versions of physical handouts. Accessibility Scans should be performed on all digital handouts until all errors are corrected so participants can access content with their preferred device or screen reader software.


Front and back rows of session rooms must remain open until sessions begin to reserve priority seating for participants with accessibility needs.


ADA-certified service animals are welcome at NCORE meeting venues. 


Accessible options and information for local transportation can be found here


In addition to NCORE’s required Presentation Standards, participants can digitally access NCORE program guides on their preferred device through the NCORE app and a PDF of the program guideSighted venue tours are available upon request. 


Questions? Contact us at