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Designated Hotels

We have partnered with several hotels near the Fort Worth Convention Center to offer group rates for NCORE attendees. All conference sessions will be at the convention center.

Update 3-22-17:  A new overflow hotel is now accepting reservations at an NCORE rate. We will update the map below soon; the hotel is located at 6th and Main, just three blocks north of the convention center.

Click here to book your room: Courtyard Fort Worth Downtown Blackstone


The three hotels below have sold out of group discounted rooms. They have rooms available at other price points. NCORE cannot obtain more rooms at group discounted rates. Please continue to check this page for updates and the hotel links below as cancellations may yield additional supply of group rate rooms.

For more information and reservation links, please visit the following pages:

Omni Fort Worth 

Sheraton Fort Worth 

Hilton Fort Worth 


Need an official list of NCORE Designated Hotels? Click here for a PDF.

Convention Center + Hotels

Federal Per Diem rates for Fort Worth are $152.00 for lodging and $59.00 for Meals & Incidental Expenses. 



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The National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE®) is a program of the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies

For accommodations on the basis of disability, please contact the NCORE® office: (405) 325-3694