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Webinar Description:

This session will introduce participants to the advocacy, activism, and healing curricular model of Awareness through Performance (ATP). We will share experiences of developing (and continuously re-developing), advising, participating in, and cultivating powerful student expression and activism through ATP’s intensive 10-day identity immersion performance troupe experience. We'll also touch on the staff & faculty model (RISE UP) that was inspired by the success of ATP. Participants will join in both group discussions and self-reflective exercises. This workshop is geared toward campus community members dedicated to transformative, liberatory, and innovative strategies for collective action and healing in education settings.



Laura Abellera, MSEd, JD, Consultant and Associate Lecturer, Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Social Responsibility Speaks, La Crosse, WI

Laura Abellera is a facilitator, educator, and consultant drawing from her experience in community organizing, advocacy, higher education, and youth programming. She received her M.S.Ed. from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UWL) while spending her graduate assistantship in the Research and Resource Center for Campus Climate supporting its social justice programming, working with and learning from Amanda. She has experience with organizational hate and identity-based harm prevention, intervention, and healing. In 2017, Laura received her J.D. from Loyola University Chicago, where she focused on public interest initiatives and legislative research. Laura also has undergraduate teaching experience in UWL’s Race, Gender, & Sexuality Studies department. 
Laura currently works as a justice consultant with Goodenough Consulting and Social Responsibility Speaks. She brings her passions for anti-carceral organizing, community-centered intervention, and liberatory education into spaces to better facilitate collective learning and group transformation. In addition to her paid work as a consultant, she is involved with local grassroots initiatives that focus on tenant organizing, multiracial movement building, disability justice, and moving beyond systems of punishment to address harm, violence, and conflict.

Amanda Florence Garcia Goodenough, MSEd,  Consultant, Educator, Team Lead, Leadership, Social Responsibility Speaks, Melrose, WI

Amanda Florence Garcia Goodenough is a dedicated educator operating from a cultural humility framework to center and elevate historically marginalized voices, promote belongingness and mattering, disrupt structural inequities, and advance intersectional social and racial justice. She is currently the CEO & Founder of Goodenough Consulting, a Team Lead & Partner for Social Responsibility Speaks and previously served as the Director of the Research & Resource Center for Campus Climate at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Leaning on 17 years of professional experience in justice, equity, decolonization, and interconnectedness (JEDI) efforts, Amanda engages in systems-change work and strives to speak truth to power as an act of love and liberation.


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