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Virtual Connections
NCORE Virtual Connections Sessions


  • Toward Disability Justice; Identifying, Unpacking, & Disrupting Ableism
  • The Hunt for a Red Pedagogy
  • A Native American Academic Retention Model for PWI's
  • Black Woman/White Woman
  • Privilege, White Privilege, and the Weapons we make of them
  • The Double Impact of Ableism and Racism in Higher Education
  • Acknowledging Impact: Using a Restorative Justice Framework to Acknowledge the Harm We Cause
  • Publishing for Social Justice: How to Move from a "Great Idea for a Book" to a Published Manuscript
  • Putting Words to Action: Beyond the Land Acknowledgement and Free Tuition for Native Students
  • Diversity is Inevitable: Valuing it is a Choice and Process - Understanding the Importance of Intercultural
  • Beyond Compliance: Frameworks for Anti-Racist Inclusion in Organizations
  • The New Norm: Fear and Blame
  • Say My Name
  • Asian American Identity: Past, Present, and Future
  • DEI or DOA? How to Move Beyond Window-Dressing to Achieve Institutional Equity
  • Community Reflections Into Action: Collaborative Approaches Unititng Students, Practitioners and Res
  • Understanding and Supporting the Tribal Liaison Role: A Panel of Current Tribal Liaisons
  • Mammy No More: Shifting the Visual Master Narrative fo Fat Black Women Using Photography as Visual A
  • Yes! Representation Matters: But Identity is Not Academic Expertise
  • Creating Brave Spaces for Racial Healing and Inspired Activism Based on Rhonda Magee's ColorInsight
  • Measuring Mixedness: How Data Policy Drives Multiracial (In)Visibility
  • Tribal Sovereignty and Higher Education: A workshop for Campus Administrators
  • Let's Get Real: What Makes it Unsafe or Safe to Talk About Racism
  • Confronting White Nationalism in Higher Education
  • How Do We Know What We Know? Embodied Classroom Assessment for Racial Equity
  • Hiring for 2055: A Bold New Paradigm for Tenure-Track Faculty Searches
  • Women of Color and White Women in Silence, Struggle, and Solidarity to Make a Way in Higher Ed Admin
  • Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird it's a plane, no… it's an undocumented immigrant? Superheroes and
  • Despite our Best Intentions: Exploring Implicit Bias
  • Cultivating Equity-Mindedness in the Classroom: The Mission College Equity Pedagogy Community of Pra
  • An Alternative to the Town Hll: Using Restorative Practices to Hear and Respond to Campus Harms
  • Strategies that Work to Hire Culturally Competent Faculty and Staff & Why You Aren't Using Them Parts 1 & 2



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